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Paul Kahn

Experience Design Director
Greater Boston Area

Paul has been working professionally with digital information for many years, specializing in solving large information problems. The name for what he does keeps changing – hypertext research, information design, digital design, information architecture, user experience. But whatever you call it, his work always has the same focus: shaping and designing collections of digital information to improve user experience. Paul is constantly looking for the difference that makes a difference, the threshold of acceptance, the patterns that connect people to the information they need.

Paul joins Mad*Pow after a decade working in the design community of Paris, France, where he created the first agency in France focused on information architecture. He also taught the subject in several professional Masters programs. His portfolio includes clients in the biomedical field, literary publishers, large cultural institutions and international corporations in the US and Europe.

Paul has been a thought leader on both sides of the Atlantic, developing many of the visualization techniques used in information architecture practice through his collaborations with Krzysztof Lenk, with whom he co-founded Dynamic Diagrams in Providence, RI. He teaches information architecture and interaction design at several design schools, holds a Docent position at Media Lab, Aalto University in Helsinki, and often presents at professional conferences.

Whether he’s playing with computers or not, Paul is a writer, a reader of books and a traveler. He writes scientific and design books, journal articles and conference papers, as well as poetry, fiction and essays on visual art and literature.

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